The Cards Running

The Cards Running

November 21, 2018 0 By Wordpress God

Are The Cards Running Cold In Your Life Use Casino Savvy!

Casinos are high tech palaces of pleasure, offering games of chance that have been scientifically proven to favor the house.

Why then, do these bastions of business know-how still rely upon instincts, a sixth-sense, and their guts when making personnel changes?

Here’s the scenario: You sit down to play Blackjack and either the person to your right or left starts to win big, and bet bigger and bigger. Within two minutes or less, the dealer claps his hands together, bows, and a fresh dealer replaces him.

How did that newbie enter the scene so quickly?

And does the casino believe that by changing dealers it will change the odds of that winner adding to his stakes at the house’s expense?

The “eyes in the sky” that constantly watch over games of chance through swooping TV imagery, along with the pit bosses on the ground combine to spot anything unusual, especially someone who seems to be on a hot streak, and one of their gambits is to CHANGE SOMETHING, and fast.

Typically, as I said, they’ll swap dealers, but they’re just as likely to call for “Cocktails!” from one of the roaming, and sometimes especially fetching servers. If they can get the winner to order and stick around for a drink, perhaps that extra shot that will make him woozy, or they’ll buy enough time to wobble his judgment enabling them to win-back what he has accumulated.

This narrative is a long way to go to say as individuals we can put to use what I call Casino Savvy. In our personal or professional lives we, too, can “change dealers” or say “Cocktail, please!” when we feel the deck has grown cold and luck is running against us.

Example: You’ve hired a professional such as a physician or a lawyer or an architect and you’re not comfortable with him. Or, worse, you believe he has ignored your case or he’s incompetent and cannot execute the task at hand.

Most folks will stick it out with these losers, blaming themselves for their misfortunes.

They might even make excuses for other people’s failures to perform, as so many did when “The Great Imposter,” a con man played so well in the movies by Tony Curtis, bilked them of their fortunes.

Don’t languish in denial. Do what casino big shots do: CHANGE DEALERS! In this case it means substituting more capable professionals for those that are draining you monetarily, and in all probability, sapping you emotionally and spiritually, too.

By the way, the replacements may not bring you better luck in every instance, but by taking the bull by the horns you’ll feel a lot better, gain positive momentum, and probably improve your chances of winning.

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